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The Upper Galilee


The Upper Galilee


Panias, Caesarea Phillipi, Neronis, all refer to what today is called Banias. Located at the foot of Mount Hermon, Banias offers the visitor a rich variety of touring opportunities, be it hiking, archeology, history and religious references of both the Old and New Testament. 

Tel Dan

Tel Dan is located in the very north of Israel, within one of the most lusciously rich national parks in the country. Perhaps the most impressive find recently uncovered at Tel Dan is the first non-biblical find that mentions the House of David.


900 meters (3200 feet) above sea level in the mountains of the Upper Galilee is the small town of Safed, one of the four holy cites in Judaism (the others are Hebron, Jerusalem and Tiberias). Safed is the world center for Jewish mysticism - Kabballah.

Agmon Hahula

Agmon Hahula (The Hula lake) is an important resting place for birds migrating from Europe to Africa and back. The reserve has lovely walking trails and lookout points where visitors can observe the birds.

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